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Originally posted by nyxmidnight at PSADon't know him, had no experience, but he creeps me out all the same.

Random Thought

I was looking through fics and an author once said somewhat contemptuously that she didn't write fics where Hermione had kids and things like that. As if it was OOC or bad writing to have Hermione have kids. I understand why some have that mentality. In the stories I've posted so far, Hermione has a ton, but that's not a very good sample- mostly I mix it up. I get why some think she should only have a few, or perhaps not any at all, but I grew up in a family of 9 children, so it is perfectly normal and acceptable to me that someone would have lots of children.  I was a little annoyed that she made it seem so ridiculous.

Strictly speaking, in cannon verse I definitely see her having at least a couple of kids but probably no more than three (and I'm not talking about the epilogue). More than that, I can see psychological reasons why she would want to have a big family: She was a very lonely child growing and she doesn't want that for her kids or she had an infertility scare and realized that she really does want kids. While it does seem a bit cliche, and I'm well aware of that when I'm writing (often I'm sarcastic and satirical in my writing), I don't think it's something to be so rude about.

Anyways, that was just my two cents.

Do it. I will, if I remember to sign up. Give me some Merlin or Doctor Who or Spock or....


Hoorah for me! I've finally done something! I've (finally) finished editing (for now at least. There are some holes, so that may be fixed later. If I have the time and the inclination) the one called Entirely too Perfect. It's fluff that was written really, really fast, so don't judge! I've had some great people read through it, though, so it is majorly improved :D. I've posted the first two chapters (reposted the first with the edited version) at FF.net, and I will probably add it to grangerenchanted and petulant poetess. :D
Now that that is done, it will be updated weekly.

With regards to my other fics: my Remus/Hermione one is put on hold. I definitely intend on finishing it, but there's so much inspiration!

I have a Barty/Hermione one that I am slowly, but surely working on. Oh the sexiness that is David Tennant. So, I hope to be getting most of it written, and when I have, I will begin posting, yeah? I just don't want to disappoint anyone so I like to write most of it before I start getting it up. Maybe once I have a regular following I will start posting as I write, who knows? But for now, I don't really trust myself.

P.S. you can get to my FF page through the link in the entry below.


I have just posted another story! I'm so excited. It's not my best work, but I still love it.
Anyways, PLEASE check it out here on FF.net. I had to connect it to my authors page because FF is being lame. As usual. 
I have submitted it to Granger Enchanted, and hopefully they'll validate it soon.

A few random thoughts of the day:

On my writing: Blah. I was doing so well, and then things started going downhill. Oh well, I'll spend the rest of my evening* working on all those fics that I need to get done (RIGHT NOW!). I've been rereading a few of my favorite fics and I'm afraid that their style is rubbing off on me, though. I may have to edit and get my own voice back.

And, now that I'm actually writing regularly again, I really want to work on this Remus/Hermione fic that I am a couple chapters into and so excited about, not these little fics that I signed up for. Then again, I probably would be reading instead of writing if I hadn't.
A very, very brief summary and preview of this (unedited) RL/HG fic:
Oh, and by the way, I don't own any cannon characters, plots, etc. I do own this, however and would be very annoyed and offended if anyone plagarized any of this.

Hermione (for reasons yet unknown) has to marry Remus and have a child together. Well, so that's not really a storyline, but i don't want to give away the amazingly awesome reasons. And, I'm not bragging. Although I came up with much of the storyline and smaller details, my sister made it all work and made it so wonderful! I love it. Really. Seriously. It's perfectly wonderful.


Spain. The beauty, warmth, and attitude seemed in many ways characterized by the field in which she now lay. Thousands of yellow heads were bobbing all around her, basking in the warm sun. It was a common sight in Spain to see field after field of the sun-worshipping perennials, but this particular plot was a haunt for Hermione. It was here that she first apparated into Spain, and it was here when she, only seconds later, collapsed onto the ground, sobbing. She rolled over to get the sun out of her eyes, and couldn’t help but think back on the time just before she went to Spain.


A sigh issued from her lips as she waited on the notorious candy lover and sparkle-eyed genius. She was sitting in the study of the magically enlarged house-with-far-too-many-bedrooms on Grimmauld Place that Dumbledore had unofficially claimed as his office. It was a known fact that he would be coming in today, and she had owled him earlier to politely request a meeting (read: demand that he see her). Hence the waiting. She didn’t have much longer to exercise her thumbs, however, because the man came in only minutes after she herself had arrived.

“Good morning, Miss Granger,” He said, pulling of his coat and tugging his beard to dislodge the snow. He swept -Dumbledore couldn’t help but be a bit overdramatic- into the regal mahogany desk that absolutely shined with polish, courtesy of Molly Weasley. “To what do I owe the pleasure of meeting with you here this morning?”

Hermione wasn’t fooled. She knew that he was weirdly perceptive and probably knew that she was going to write to him before even she did. “Professor, I see no reason to beat around the bush. I need a new assignment. As soon as possible.”

“I thought as much. May I ask why? Is there a problem with Remus?” Ah, there’s the rub. Hermione suspected he already knew the answer to that, but decided that since she felt unable to confide in anyone else, she may as well tell him.

“I’m not sure I can put this delicately, but I have developed feelings for him that are wholly inappropriate considering his relationship with Tonks.” She sighed again, finding it hard to believe that she was one of Them- one of those women who fell in love with a married man. Well, as good as married. With the wedding only two months away, she wasn’t very keen on being around during the final preparations and the actual event.

A little teaser for all of you. I hope you like it! And, I'm sorry I couldn't tell you the storyline. I'm just afraid that it will take forever for me to get through, and someone will have time to steal it.

I have had a love of princesses and disney (although I'm not really very girly) my whole entire life. In particular, I love Belle. All of my sisters (I have 7) have a princess, and I am Belle. So, I am really excited because I just bought a belle costume for a halloween party next friday! Yes! I didn't trust the sizes online, so I got it big, but I'll just pin it when I get it. Now I just need to find some gold shoes... But, really, I am so excited.

*I couldn't make it to a friends party and I'll be busy all day and visit that same friend tomorrow, so I decided to take the night off. I notice that that is becoming a common occurance- I may be turning anti-social. To be honest, I would mind that at all.

When I write in Word, I hate having those squiggly lines underneath my sentences. It drives me nuts.
Well, I recently re-formatted my computer. So, all those words that I have previously added to dictionary are popping back up with those stupid lines underneath. It's driving me nuts, and disrupting my flow! GRRR...
I mean c'mon. I actually have time to write right now, and I'm inspired (which is becoming increasingly more unusual). Can I please catch a break?
Speaking of: I was talking to one my sisters, who also happens to be one of my best friends, about one of my WIP for an exchange. One of the main characters was swearing a lot. And, I mean a lot. I may have to make it R simply based on the amount of swearing. Here's the thing: I don't swear in RL. I mean, ever. I have several reasons for this: 
1. I spend all day around a 3, 5, and 7 year old. And, the 5 year old is already starting to swear. I honestly have no idea where she's hearing it (although her parents aren't all that discriminate about what she watches-- maybe that's it)
2. I can appreciate a well place swear word as much as anyone else, but for the most part, I think it can sound coarse and a lot of people get into a rut of swearing instead of actually expressing themselves.
3. Mostly, it'sbecause I'm religious and I think that not taking the Lord's name in vain extends to wider spheres.

Ok, back to topic, my sister was really surprised that I used so much cussing. When I told her that I couldn't help it, that that was simply the way the character is in this particular story, she told me she didn't understand that. She dabbles in writing herself, and she plans everything out. Now, that I don't understand. Say what? How does that even work?

I guess it's just our personalities. I'm good at science and math, but I have no patience for it. The Arts are much more interesting, they challenge me more, and I enjoy them immensely more than anything science related. My sister, however, is an RN, and is planning to continue on to Med school. Good luck, but I'd rather not. With science, if you know the correct formula, then it's solved. And all those boring observations and paperwork. With writing, singing, dancing, and theater (my particular specialties), there's a million ways to do one thing.

I'll take that anyday.

I deviated from my original theme, but that's alright.

Taking a leaf from...

I'm taking a leaf from scifichick774 and posting a list of fics that I'm working on:
For communities:
I'm really excited about his one because I got the song I wanted.
actually two of those, because I'm pinch hitting.

A Remus/Hermione one that I am PSYCHED about, but it's really slow in coming.
A Lucius/Hermione that's on hiatus a bit because I want to get the others finished before I even think about that one.
I have a Harry/Hermione on that is finished, but is getting touched up by my wonderful beta, flossiepots. I have about a half a million more, but nothing that really comes up on the radar as important.

I'm hoping that this will help motivate me, because with three children, it gets a little difficult to really get much done.

Marry, Shag, and throw off a cliff!

1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of the 3 people I gave you.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

These men are too beautiful for words, and to be honest, I'm not sure that I can really choose. But, with careful consideration, here are my choices:


For one thing, he's the tallest. I love tall men. And, he's got two kids with his longtime girlfriend, so he can obviously commit- She would have to be disposed of, somehow. Death is the easiest.
And to wake up to that accent every morning? Hmmmm...


Oh he's beautiful. And those eyes. Delicious. He was really close to being chosen to marry. Just for those eyes.


I'm sorry James. But, you're the shortest. I need a tall man in my life.

Really, I would just have a polyandorous relationship. Why choose one when you can have all three?


As I've already said, I'm writing a new fic right now. I don't really want to give anything away, because that's just the way I am, but I am really excited and have already about 3 or 4 chapters written. And I have a beta! Yay for Flossiepots! You're the best. And she's genuinely British.

I thought it might be time for another of my recs:

I don't like to read unfinished fics, because who knows if the author ever will finish them, really. And  it's just so nerve racking! Some of my favorite fics haven't been touched in years. But, for this gem of an author, I will always make exceptions. I love her!

By: Scifichick774
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Hermione Granger wanted revenge. She received a harem.
Pairings: Hermione/Abraxas, Hermione/Barty Jr., Hermione/Cedric, Hermione/Fred, Hermione/Gideon, Hermione/Regulus, Hermione/Salazar

Yeah, I know. But, trust me. She's brilliant.